Telemarketing for Online Demos

Sometimes, prospects can be put off by hard-nosed sales calls that try to squeeze a face to face appointment with a salesperson. A lower risk commitment for a prospect is a web demo. Telemarketing service can be used effectively to run short web demos or to run prospects through a web page designed to generate a call to action.

Soft lead generation

Soft lead generation isn’t as well-known as cold-calling but can be equally as relevant in the long run. This is a means of determining whether or not a prospect meets your criteria and has interest in talking further. There is a tightly-scripted approach, comprising of 4-5 relevant profiling questions before the final “Would you like to hear further from one of my colleagues regarding…?” question. This approach is useful because it has more of a soft-sell, rather than an overt sales approach that some people seem to dread.

Telemarketing for Cross-Sell

Time is at a premium for most business people. However, there are generally a significant number of customers that would purchase more from your business if they knew you stocked those products or offered those services. That’s especially true if they’ve been buying the same things for a long time. A customer care type call can identify new opportunities for cross-selling within the current client base.


If you’re running a business with a long list of clients, you know how difficult making those calls is. Deciding not to call your customers at all might seem like a good decision time-wise. But you can rest assured that it is not a smart one in long-term. Of course, a large customer base will start demanding more time and dedication that you and your team can physically deliver. So outsourcing some jobs to professionals from The Pipeline, might be a smart idea.

Telemarketing for Research or Customer Care

It’s amazing the opportunities that these kinds of calls can elicit if managed correctly. A well-placed service or customer satisfaction research call can stimulate needs that would have otherwise not come out due to how busy customers can be. Calls such as these also promote a positive image of your company that goes well beyond the specific call.


Telemarketing to Grow your Business
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