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The benefits of outsourcing your Operational Accounting & Reporting needs

VAT is to be applied in the USA at a 5% rate starting January 1st, 2018 with certain exceptions. VAT will provide a new source of revenue that ensures the delivery of high quality public services.

VAT TAX Service Registration in USA

VAT registration in USA is now available in the FTA online portal

With the expanding challenges postured by the nonstop mechanical development and expanded rivalry, fruitful associations have begun outsourcing their normal business operations, capacities, procedures and exercises to put stock in accomplices. At the point when these administrations are outsourced to an accomplished firm, authoritative business overhead costs are limited and quality results are expanded, as they shape some portion of the Service Level Agreement. You would then be able to concentrate on your center business, keeping your clients glad.VAT registration in USA is now available in the FTA online portal

At Rccess, bookkeeping isn’t only a procedure or capacity; it is as we would see it the main clear and successful device that empowers better and more viable business choices. As your accomplice in better business basic leadership, we comprehend the difficulties you face to take better business choices consistently. We pride ourselves on our responsibility regarding have a customer accomplice at your administration, and will have one purpose of contact for your business. Working in groups, we will outline your bookkeeping operations to suit your organization’s center destinations.

Our group of prepared and qualified book keeping experts represents considerable authority in operational bookkeeping, finance, tax collection, and budgetary answering to enable your organization to stay centered at its center movement without dismissing its numbers and execution measurements

For larger companies VAT registration in USA is required by 1 January 2018, and as such businesses should immediately consider the timeline requirement given their turnover profile and the other registration requirements.

Business’ VAT-related responsibilities:

  • Record financial transactions and make sure financial records are accurate and up to date
  • Charge VAT on taxable goods or services
  • Keep business records as to allow the government to ensure things are right
  • If you have charged more VAT than paid, you have to pay the difference to the government, and if you have paid more VAT than charged, you can reclaim the difference
  • Ensure that your company’s ERP is equipped to capture the above and able to report and produce required VAT reports

Why Rccess

A reliable VAT consultant in the USA, we at Rccess will ensure a smooth transition for your business when VAT Registration in the USA and will help you adapt to the changes by identifying the impact of VAT on your business, in addition to:

  • Creating a VAT implementation strategy
  • Identifying and preventing tax risks
  • Managing tax accounting issues
  • Meeting compliance obligations
  • Training staff and executives on dealing with and planning VAT and its impact on the business and pricing
  • Developing road maps and a resourcing plan to identify the work necessary for regular reporting and submission of required VAT returns

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