Our experienced team of underwriting and mortgage processing specialists eliminates delays and minimizes appraisal turnaround 

When you outsource appraisal quality control support to us, you are assured of the best appraisals delivered in the quickest time possible.

Email Automation

Create fully automated campaigns with the world’s most intuitive workflow builder

List Segmentation

Apply similar segmentation on more than one contact lists on the same time. 

Campaign Scheduling

Instead of scheduling mails on single list select more than one contact list 

Drag and Drop Editor

Combine blocks from a range of Email Templates to build Email that are rich in visual style and interactivity

Custom Data Fields

Custom Field feature gives you liberty to store important data so that you can target them more efficiently.

Live Testing/Preview

Send preview mail on an email id with all the dynamic tags replaced by subscriber data just to avoid last moment errors.

Manage Subscribers

Can Manage your Subscribers to subscribe or unsubscribe in our hosted system

Geo Reporting

Analyze your open and click report according to the geo location of the subscriber and target your customers

Web Forms

You can integrate web-form for subscribers on your website and manage them

                          Simple, Flexible Pricing

Over 5,000 paying customers trust Rccess to deliver more than 325 Millions emails every month.

Mortgage Appraisal Support Services

Mortgage underwriters rely on accurate and timely property appraisals to determine the fair market value of the collateral properties involved in every mortgage. Rccess has years of experience liaising with professional appraisers and providing the right kind of appraisal support required for the loan amount and loan-to-value ratio. We save mortgage lenders and brokers much time and effort by directly dealing with the appraiser, quality control on appraisal for accuracy and following up in any way required.

Appraisal Assistance We Offer

Ordering Appraisals

Every underwriting department must deal with a large roster of appraisal companies and independent appraisers as a part of the mortgage process. Appointments need to be scheduled with the homeowner to let the appraiser examine and photograph the property as required. It takes a well-coordinated support system to ensure that the appraisals are being ordered and reports are being sent back on time by the appraisers. All these tasks can take up valuable time and resources, which could be better utilized to focus on core business activities.

Rccess helps mortgage lenders and brokers with every appraisal back-office task, however mundane or complex it may be. Our experienced team of underwriting and mortgage processing specialists eliminates delays and minimizes appraisal turnaround time by ordering appraisals as soon as we receive the request. We ensure frequent follow-ups with appraisers to expedite the process and make sure that the appraiser has all the required information.

Email Marketing Meets Automation 

  • Rccess EAP (Email Automation Platform) isn’t just an email marketing platform. It’s an automation engine that’s designed to help you build the emails (and entire automated email campaigns) that get results. Use EAP’s proven blueprints and simple tools to launch broadcasts, autoresponders, and behavior-triggered emails. 


Build Automated Email Campaigns with EAP’s Workflows

  • Create fully automated campaigns with the world’s most intuitive workflow builder. Apply tags, trigger campaigns, add delays, branch with if-then logic, and do about 30 other things … all powered by EAP’s automation engine and displayed as an easy-to-follow flowchart.

Segment Your Contacts with EAP’s Easy-to-Use Tags 

  • You can apply tags to specific email groups like customers or non-customers, and then send one-off email broadcasts or entire campaigns to different email segments as you see fit.

Collect Leads in Minutes with EAP’s Built-in Widget

  • Grow your list anywhere on your sites with EAP’s elegant slide-up lead capture widget. All it takes is a simple snippet of code to pop up wherever you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work?

Open a refund request with us and we can work with you to resolve it ASAP.

Can I pay using AMEX?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, including AMEX, so rack up those points!

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for info.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

This depends on whether your plan to process the payment on your site or not. We recommend using a third-party provider to unburden yourself.

Mortgage Appraisal Support Services
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