When it comes to agile development, speed is everything. The need for speed is more crucial for user centric applications, where the pressure to innovate quickly is high.  The goal of every Dev Ops team is to a sustain continues delivery process that can help release the newer & improved version of the software faster.  While focusing on speeding up the development life cycle, many enterprises ignore the testing process. An agile Dev op needs an agile QA to be successful.

Need For Continuous Testing & Test Automation

In the agile development model, continuous testing plays a crucial role. Testing helps in easy identification & resolution of software defects.  The sooner the defects are found and fixed, the lesser is the cost to business. Integrating an adequate testing process in early stages of production enables faster recovery in case of unexpected events or defects in the product. A Continuous delivery model thus requires a Continuous testing process. This is possible only through test automation. An end to end test automation strategy will enable companies to test early, test fast & automate easily at every stage of product development. This in turn helps integrate the QA efforts to match the speed of Dev ops, helping developers to release innovative software features faster in a matter of weeks.

Challenges In Test Automation

With automation, speed and efficiency can be achieved, test cycles can be run faster allowing developers to gain feedback & insights faster. While it is tempting to automate every form of testing, manual testing is required in exploratory & regression testing at UI level.  Further, creating test environments & configuring an automation framework requires a lot of skill & effort. The biggest woes in achieving test automation coverage includes the cost & time involved in setting up of an effective automation framework. Additionally, finding the right skilled automation experts is a challenge, many companies face. Continuous delivery, testing & integration involves a lot of collaboration between testers, developers and product managers. A comprehensive test management platform that facilitates this process is a must for the success of the test automation project.

Crowd Sourced Solution For Test Automation & Continuous Testing

The greater the agility of the QA process, the more effective and faster the development process will be. This scale of agility and flexibility can be achieved through test automation powered by crowd. Relying on crowd sourced platforms can help companies optimize their testing efforts in a cost effective manner.  Crowd testing gives product owners the power of an on-demand skilled work force that can scale up to meet the growing needs of development. You can not only get expert help to find critical bugs, but also gain support in creating & executing the test cases for automation. Companies can thus help development team get insights faster without straining their existing in-house QA resources. With access to the right talent who understand your software architecture, you can create and execute successful automation scripts. By automating critical workflows, enterprises can significantly reduce time & cost in testing.


This with an effective & planned test management platform, that utilizes the power of crowd & automation, product owners can track, resolve and implement fixes to address critical & high priority bugs in their application with ease. Developers can focus on bringing new innovations to deliver superior user experience.


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