1. Always Use the Same Sender Name

How to Break It: Get Friendly With Your “From” Name

While it’s helpful to set certain expectations with your email recipients, don’t limit yourself to only sending messages from your company name, or from one team member. Experimenting with “friendly from” can increase open rates. For example, instead of simply sending an email from the name of your company, you might provide an employee’s name, such as “ Jim at rccess.com”.

But before you go crazy, always ensure your email activities do not violate the CAN-SPAM act. Your “from” should not be false or misleading. However, there are ways your organization can make adjustments that delight your recipients.

2. You Treat Your Subject Line Too Literally

How to Break It: Write Copy That Visually Stands Out

Consumers are inundated with emails all day long, which means your subject line is the one factor that will get someone to open your message. To catch someone’s attention as they scroll through their unread messages, it’s important to consider how your subject line appears next to others visually.

While your subject line text should reflect the contents of your message and match your organization’s tone and style, it’s important to use this space as creatively as possible. Test small tweaks with your audience to see if anything helps grab their attention.

3. Your Preview Text Is Auto-Populated

How to Break It: Use That Hot Preview Text Real Estate

If your email client supports preview text, also known as pre-header text, you can optimize it for every email you send. Allowing this text to auto-populate is a lost opportunity to grab attention or delight your recipients.

Though it takes some code, the use of this space will help you stand out from others who do not go to the same lengths to make theirs unique.

4. Your Copy Is So Professional It’s Boring

How to Break It: Develop a Distinct Tone of Voice

Your organization’s tone of voice can be one of your biggest differentiators. Whether you use a certain style of humor or strive to sound as academic as possible, a well-crafted voice allows readers to connect with your organization on a human-to-human level. Your tone can help you combat that struggle

5. You Talk Too Much About Yourself

How to Break It: Send an Email, Just Because

It can be easy for messaging to get a little out of balance. After all, your marketing efforts are intended to make your audience aware of the value of your products and/or services. But to become a brand that people identify with in a meaningful way, you need to do more than just keep them updated on your latest deals and features.

You need to add value to each person’s life. Develop a cadence for connecting over something unrelated to your sales efforts, but very related to your organization’s core values and culture.


5 Email Marketing Habits It Pays to Break
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